Collecting Documents for Transferring from NSU

Transferring your credits from North South University might seem like a huge bureaucratic mess. But it is not. This post will guide you through the process of collecting the necessary papers for the process.

Making your ID “0”

Your NSU ID has a few parts.

181 0000 6 42

The 8-th digit is our digit of interest. If it is 6, you need to make it 0 before proceeding with anything. Visit the Office of Records (Admin, Level-3) and ask them for the form to perform the ID change. You’ll need to have:

  • SSC Certificate (Original + 1 Photocopy)
  • HSC Certificate (Original + 1 Photocopy)
  • SSC Transcript (Original + 1 Photocopy)
  • HSC Transcript (Original + 1 Photocopy)

The officer will return the originals after verification. Your ID will get updated in 5 ~ 7 days depending on the workload at the office.

Requesting Documents

Typically you’ll need the “Official Transcript” and the “Medium of Instruction Certificate”. They cost 300 and 100 BDT respectively.

  • You can make the payment online from the RDS. Payments -> Online Payment.
  • Or, you can collect the necessary forms from the Office of the Controller of Examinations. (Level-3, Admin Building)

Make sure that your ID has been ‘0’-ed before you proceed with this step. Attach a photocopy of your SSC Certificate with each of the forms.

Congratulations and Good luck!

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