BMET Emigration Clearance Card for Skilled Professionals (One Stop Service) Explained

This works like an insurance policy while you’re abroad. The Government requires work-visa holders to get approval from the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare.

The Government of Bangladesh requires work-visa holders to get pre-approval from the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment. You cannot emigrate out on a work-visa without this. You will be stopped by immigration at the airport. If you scored a job on yourself by interviewing directly without any agents or anything, this post is for you!

Why does it exist?

This exists to protect the interests of Bangladeshi expats working abroad. This works like an insurance policy while you’re abroad. If you have a salary dispute, injury, death or any such unexpected incidents, the Ministry would step in to protect you.

And for highly skilled professionals (e.g. Engineers, Doctors, Analysts etc), who are able to secure jobs abroad without recruiting agencies – papers were supposed to be checked to make sure you have everything you need; and your contract is beneficial for you.

How to Obtain it?

Thankfully, a very convenient and Fast-Tracked Service called One Stop Service exists for people who scored a job fulfilling the following,

  • Got a job on their own initiative directly, without any recruitment agent in Bangladesh and,
  • That job is classified as skilled labor (e.g. Engineering, Medical, Finance etc)
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Required Documents

  • Passport (Original + 3 Copies of Identity Page)
  • Your Visa / e-Visa / IPA / Permit / Card (Original, if applicable + 3 copies)
  • Your Contract with the Employer (3 copies)
  • Passport-sized Photos (3 copies)

Brief Process

  • The process starts with you getting fingerprinted.
  • Then you proceed to the One Stop Service.
  • You make the payments at a bank.
  • You submit proof of payment.
  • You wait for your card.


Dress Nicely. Get a Polo shirt if that is your thing, and try to look good that day. Your service will be better.

Arrive early. Make sure you are at the Prabashi Kalyan Bhaban at 9:30 AM. Do not delay. I repeat, DO NOT DELAY. Proceed to the Fingerprinting section of the building. Ask any security personnel or the receptionist where the room is.

Now, the government agency requires you to visit your home district’s DEMO office for fingerprints. However, the officers might consider your case if your present address is in Dhaka. You might end up having to visit your home district only for fingerprints!

Show your passport to the guard waiting outside the room, if s/he requests to see it. Take a seat inside until it is 10:00 AM or the officers arrive.

Inside the Fingerprinting Area

First your proceed to collect a registration form from the “Western Union” counter labelled 1 in the photo. You should fill it up. Add your passport copy, photo and Visa copy with it. Then proceed to pay a fee of 220 BDT at the bank counter labelled 2. Afterwards, you submit your papers at counter 3. Then you wait.

Your name will be called out, move to the officer and take the piece of paper s/he gives you. Check to see if all details match your passport details. If good, move ahead to queue up for fingerpriting. Your photo and fingerprints will be taken by an operator.

First step, done!

It could be useful if you mention to the officer that you’re here for One Stop, you might end up getting priority service.

Opting for One Stop

Go to the Level 2 of the building. Take the stairs, it is healthy for you. Tell any officer / security personnel that you want to get One Stop Service. They’ll gladly show you the way. They’ll instruct you to visit the office of a Deputy Director. In my case, it was Mrs. Halima Begum.

Please be very polite. Greet her/him and tell that your profession is ‘X’ and you are seeking One Stop Service for country ‘Y’. S/he provide you with a form and ask you to fill it up. Carefully fill details. If you do not understand any bit, please make sure to ask the officer. They’re helpful.

Paying the fees

You’ll be instructed to Pay the fees. Go to the bank upstairs at Level 3, and make the payments for Wage Earners Fund (3500 BDT) and your Smart Card (250 BDT). There is a service charge of 60 BDT. In total, you pay 3810 BDT. You don’t need to pay for anything else at the bank.

Fees list

Take the confirmation slips and return to the officer. S/he will guide you through the rest of the process. You’ll need to meet and collect signatures from 1+ officers. Finally, there is a semi-formal interview with the Director. Be very polite and humble. Greet her/him, and answer his/her questions properly.

Getting your Card

The officers might instruct the print of cards and ask you to go to the printing section. Ask anyone where it is, and you’ll find it. Go talk to anyone and wait outside. You’ll get your card.

Go back to the officer with the card, and s/he will put a stamp on your passport indicating that you are clear for takeoff and you received the priority One Stop Service!

Congratulations! You made it!

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