Singapore Credit Bureau Report as a Foreigner: Link your FIN

Banks usually report to the credit bureau against passports for Foreigners, not FIN numbers. Thus, logging in online with SingPass results in nothing. The solution: Linking your passport(s) with your FIN number.

So you have tried obtaining your free credit report, and got greeted with,

Please be informed that the redemption of free credit report does not apply in this application as there is no recent credit enquiry on your credit records by any of our members, as part of their credit assessment of your credit application.

Yes, the credit report process for foreigners is a little – different.

Linking your FIN with Passport

  1. Gather your current and previous passport(s), and your Employment Pass / S Pass / Work Permit / Student Pass / Long Term Visit Pass etc.
  2. Visit the contact us page of Credit Bureau Singapore.
  3. Make a request to the customer service email you will find in the link above. Send your Identity Card (Both sides) and ID page of your passport(s) for linking.
  4. They should get back to you rather prompty.

Now you can finally make use of that free credit report you got from your credit card application! And do make sure to use credit with care.

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