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Love isn’t what I thought

Growing up, love has been idolized in our minds. Relationships are not deemed to be perfect unless they last forever, defying everything. “Everything” includes satisfaction, happiness, and a sense of fulfillment. I came across a radical new idea, maybe our metric of measuring success had been wrong all along!

My metrics

I have a metric of my own, that I refer to when measuring the success of a relationship: has this relationship helped me grow as a person?

In my book, great relationships are great because the participants help one another to outgrow themselves. They motivate each other to work the unthinkable, to achieve the unachievable, to believe in dreams! In a great relationship, the partners grow together, for a better future.

Shouldn’t it last?

My idolized view of Relationships leads me to believe that, these should ideally last forever. However, my life has taught me an important lesson – it can be temporary. A relationship might just be destined to help you grow temporarily because that had been the unknown purpose all along.

Love doesn’t have to end up in a relationship.

Love should be about understanding and wanting the best for everyone involved.

Took me a while to grasp the nuances of human behavior and relationships. Better late than never.

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