I reverse-engineered TraceTogether, for the “right reasons”

When TraceTogether was rolled out in Singapore, I geeked out with the BlueTrace Protocol and the basics of how it worked. However, with my experience of volunteering for the migrant population, I knew that we needed translations, badly. We needed translations if we wanted to an effective deployment of TraceTogether in the vulnerable population. With… Continue reading I reverse-engineered TraceTogether, for the “right reasons”

[SGDiaries] The Anxious Bengali Migrant Brother

I have been quite excited since waking up today. Although I am not sure if “excited” is the correct word to describe the rush through my body, my sweaty palms, and slightly trembly hands. I was supposed to assist doctors from the Institute of Mental Health in providing consultation for a Bengali patient.

GovTech SafeEntry and TraceTogether Posters in Bengali (Bangla)

Seen those SafeEntry posters in Singapore, with instructions to “log in” to your neighborhood 7-Eleven? I have translated those into Bengali (Bangla) ahead of the reopening of Singapore, from the circuit breaker. These have been translated in the hope of protecting our migrant workers and the community amidst the uncertainty.

Learning Mandarin, My 3rd Language

Mandarin is indeed an amazing language to learn and explore. It is one of the last surviving pictographic languages, and as a language enthusiast, this might get you excited! 1.3 Billion people and a lot of my neighbors know Mandarin – a good enough reason for me to pick it up!

Encoding Bangla (Unicode) SMS for SSLWireless in Python

If you are wondering why you cannot send Bengali text encoded in Unicode properly through the SSLWireless Push API in Python, well you are not alone. The solution is, encoding your UTF-8 text into UTF-16 (Big Endian) and then taking the hexadecimal value of it, transformed into uppercase.