I always love to hack on new ideas, new problems, and new technology. I am trying to enlist some of my most significant works of tech here.


Developed a Vue.js based application for manually annotating text datasets for training Natural Language Processing systems, specifically spaCy from a web browser.

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An umbrella-project developing tools and datasets for enabling Natural Language Processing researchers to work with the Bengali Language.

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Introduced support for the Bengali language in the spaCy Natural Language Processing Library. Added symbol/punctuation definitions, a basic tokenizer and a simple rule-based tagger for the Bengali language.

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Corpus Builder

Built a set of crawlers for scraping news article content from local online news portals – based on the Scrapy framework. Extended the Scrapy framework for ease of use and better integration with news content focused websites.

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Firefox OS (B2G)

Contributed Input Methods (fixed and phonetic transliteration-based) for the Bengali Language to the Built-in Keyboard app of Firefox OS.

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Added functionality to transliterate notification text written in Bengali into Latin for smart wearable devices without rendering support for the Bengali script.

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Contributed corrected localization for the Bengali Language

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Developed a Bengali Keyboard / Input Method for the default Ubuntu Keyboard. Provided Bengali localization to Ubuntu and third-party projects used by Ubuntu.

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